About the Stardork text-based space maze game

Latest: stardork 0.7

Stardork is a Linux terminal based maze game where (.)'s represent stars and are randomly placed on the screen. (X) represents your space ship and you move in in all directions, including diagonally, to position yourself to shoot a probe into the wormholes (@). You can also shoot probes in all directions. If you run into a star you lose power. If you shoot or run into the wormhole then you move up a level and more random stars are plotted. This eventually creates a more and more complex maze of stars you must nagivate through to position yourself to shoot the wormhole. Beat all 30 levels.

Requirements (Linux, libncurses, gcc)

Download Here

You use the numeric-keypad to move your ship (X) in all directions. up/down right/left, diagnal up/left/right/down.

How to move your ship (X):

(Make sure the numlock key is off)
1 = move diagonally down left
2 = move down
3 = move diagonally down right
4 = move left
6 = move right
7 = move diagonally up left
8 = move up
9 = move diagonally up right

How to shoot probes:

a = shoot left
s = shoot up
d = shoot down
f = shoot right
z = shoot diagonally up left
x = shoot diagonally up right
c = shoot diagonally down left
v = shoot diagonally down right